isabel on our new land

isabel on our new land
Isabel under the Kurrajong on our new land

Friday, December 16, 2011

Transition Home

Well we survived the first move. After weeks of very mild weather, overcast and 25 degrees, moving day was ofcourse sunny, humid and very hot. So now we are settling in to our transition home while we wait to start building in the new year.  For a rental house it is pretty good
Stefano's "movement in steel" has pride of place

as the owners bought it to live in but they can't sell their own home so have had to rent it out while they wait for the market to improve.  We are on 6 acres here and luckily we are being eased into country life as we only need to maintain around the house and they will mow the rest of it - must take him all day. However, the kids are loving the extra space.
 While Stefano and I are being kept busy regenerating the very overgrown vegetable patch.

Division of labour means that Stefano gets to dig up the weeds and I get to spread the cow poo and plant the green manure seeds.
 Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.  Here is a photo of our Christmas tree (fake European pine tree) with the fabulous Australian eucalypts in the background.  Please send us a photo of your families at Chritsmas time so we can enjoy all the different traditions and climates.