isabel on our new land

isabel on our new land
Isabel under the Kurrajong on our new land

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of Spring!

Had to capture this wonderful marker of the first day of spring here in Queensland - I can't wait until I have a bigger asparagus plot so Stefano and I don't have to fight over the first pickings

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Beginning

Well we've finally done it!  Yesterday we signed the contract on this 5 acres in Samsonvale.  This is something we have talked about for over 10 years.  Can we city people cope with a move to the country or are we just romanticising the whole notion of the simple life?  During that time I have tried to grow our own vegies on our 400sqm plot in the inner city with mixed success.  Winter is the best time here in the subtropics so I now have growing tomatoes, silverbeet, beans, kale, broccoli, carrots and beetroot; along with our small collection of citrus trees - lemon, orange, lime, mandarin and lemonade

Everyone time we thought about moving we would get scared about the travel, changing the kids schools, work, leaving friends so we would convince ourselves that our small garden was enough but after a visit to a beautiful open garden in Toowoomba we decided to just have a look at what land was available.  Then we found it - all 20 000sqm of it!

So now begins our journey in planning and designing our home and garden including, veges, fruit, nuts, chooks, cow and calf, cats, dog and maybe a horse if Gessica gets her way.  As an architect, Stefano, has been waiting a long time to design his own home from scratch and as a herbalist, I can't wait to have a large enough herb garden to start making some of my own remedies.  But for now we must be patient as they finish the subdivision and we get our own home ready to sell.