isabel on our new land

isabel on our new land
Isabel under the Kurrajong on our new land

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Horticulture Continues

I have now become officially addicted to tuesday night horticulture classes as I'm contempleting repeating one that I have already done just because its so much fun and there is always more to learn.  For Term 1 this year we got to establish a vege garden using  traditional techniques and a no dig garden.  We were alloted 1 plot for each pair.

Our plots were planted out with a mixture of seedlings

and seeds.  My plot partner, Heather, and I won the prize for best radishes which we started harvesting after only 4 weeks from seed!

These are the plots after only 8 weeks.  After years of TAFE students improving the soil here and weeks of rain we really had a bounty to harvest.  Three weeks after this photo was taken, and after our holidays, some students were picking button squash the size of soup bowls. This term I'm studying weeds, pests and diseases so we've spent more time in the classroom but its been fun looking at diseases and pests under the microscope.  No doubt I'll soon be wandering the garden with magnifying glass hanging around my neck, ever ready to see if it's mites, bacteria or fungi that are attacking my plants.  Is there an Integrated Pest Management strategy for possums and rats?!