isabel on our new land

isabel on our new land
Isabel under the Kurrajong on our new land

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flood in Brisbane

The street outside our house Thursday January 13 2011 8.45am

January 12, 2011 dawned as a bright sunny day after the weeks of torrential rain, but it was an eerie feeling that pervaded as people waited anxiously for the waters to rise, not knowing how high they would come or what streets they would really reach.  The street where we still live in New Farm is a fair distance from the Brisbane River that snakes around the suburb but even though they have increased the size of the storm water drains 3 times since we have lived here, water was starting to bubble up the grates by 11am.  We spent the morning moving everything from downstairs to upstairs and after harrassment from parents and brother we abandoned ship to the safety of Paul's house.  When Stef returned an hour later the water was already spilling onto the footpath.  We spent an anxious night away waiting for the river to peak at 4am to know exactly how far into our property the river would creep.  Our neighbour who elected to stay put kept us informed over the phone of the rapid rise of the flood waters.
Although the water did reach our house and start to seep in downstairs, compared to many in Queensland, we have been very lucky.  Below are some photos we took 4 hours after the water had started to recede.

Waters already receding - Stef with our new dual cab ute - bought to be useful on our new land but already put into action when I got bogged at Woodford Folk Festival, forging our way through after Christmas to Bargara Beach on the coast from flooded Bundaberg, and now making our way around the streets of Brisbane.

Our neighbour's yard still a pool many hours later

Our backyard is probably only 30cm higher than the neighbours but it meant our chickens stayed dry while enjoying the worm bounty brought by the rain

Stefano made a quick attempt to mop up what water did come in.  Thankfully the inside of the house is free of the sticky mud that now lines the street, footpath and the front garden.

Now we just have to wait for it to dry out a bit to asses which walls and floorboards are beyond just cleaning and need replacing.

I'd like to extend a huge thankyou to all those friends and family members who phoned, texted or emailed to check on our wellbeing.  It was heartwarming to realise just how many people are there to help and support us if we should need it. 

Now roll on the high ground of Samsonvale!  How are we going to survive the wait!!